Monday, June 12, 2017


My sister loved animals. On more than one occasion she told me they understood her better than people. So, it is easy for me to see signs of her in the animals that I meet.

She was the one who loved animals, but I was the one that animals always wanted to talk to or be near.

I have come to understand that animals appreciate my alpha vibe.  They are so happy to have someone else be in charge, and naturally wired to be drawn to the herd.  It works on cats, too, but in a slightly different way than dogs.  For some reason when I talk to the cats, they stop and listen.  It's a thing.  I have no control over it.  It just is.  The thing is, it used to really bug my sister, and all others that are animal lovers, that the animals would come to me for comfort and safety.

Now it makes sense that when my sister wants to communicate with me, or others, that she does it through animals.  My brother comes to me in dreams. And more than once he has actually reached out and touched me.  But my sister is less direct.  She shows up in possums and birds and butterflies.

Here are some from my long walk last week:
In these bushes is a moth (I think) black with a white stripe along the wings who followed me around on my long hike the other day.
I tried to get a picture of the large, yellow butterfly that was also hanging around, one of these landed on my head briefly.
Here was the black/white stripe one ... I just missed the open wings by a second.

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