Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Scenes from a day out with the Tias.
Since it was one of my Tias birthday...and the other Tias just happened to be be in town. I took them to the Chumash casino for the day ... well, we got a late start because I had to work.  And then we stopped in Solvang -- where we had Mexican food at a restaurant called La Sirenita.  I know... ironic, but that's California for you.  And it was super tasty.  They had secret super hot salsa in the back which they shared... and the Tias were pleased.  It was tasty.
After only a few hours at the casino, we went to another restaurant where we decided to eat tapas style.  And everything was awesome.  The restaurant is owned by my sister's former housemate.  The restaurant was packed, so happy he is successful!

After wanting a good dessert, this one hit the spot... flourless chocolate cake which was more like a mousse.  More than tasty!

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