Tuesday, February 09, 2016

NRU super mish mash

Since it was Mardi Gras today, I had super nachos for lunch.  I know, not on my diet.  But, hey if you can't eat fatty food on fat Tuesday, when can you??  And no, I will not be giving any food products up for Lent.  The Pope said not to...

I sure hope it is true that folks will start to rethink their war on rats.  I know lots of folks think rats are nasty.  There are some good reasons to hate on them.  Though, to be fair, they are not to blame for most of what we find questionable in their living habits.  They are not making lifestyle choices.  Sure, they played a part, unwittingly, in the black plague.  But, our lifestyle choices are killing and maiming so many animals up the food chain.  Refrain from poison - please - find another way. Plus - family link, Dos Vientos was one of my mom's childhood stomping grounds.

I am sad to not be closer to the ocean for daily walks during these summer like winter days ... but glad to not have to meet up with the underweight sea lions.  It is so very sad ... and our complicity in this tragedy makes me feel angry, outraged, helpless and guilty all at the same time.  If you can look in this little one's eyes and not see the reality of global warming, then your connection to reality is much more tenuous than previously believed.  Sending the padded wagon for you now.

If you have never been to the desert (here's a guide) in the spring time, this might be the year to venture out.  I swear everything in the desert is magnified ... and wildflowers are no exception.  Maybe that is why the hummingbirds were so happy in Albuquerque.

Are you an aspiring writer?  Well, if you said, "YES!" here is one for you. Ursula LeGuin, besides being an inspiring human being and incredible writer, is also an awesome community member.  She is offering a free online writing course.  You're welcome!

If writing is not what you need, but the opportunity to "manifest your succulent wild life," SARK (google her for yourself, I can't do it all for you!) is offering another free e-course.  Again, you are welcome... and enjoy!

Black History Month Corner
28 kick ass women you should know about, if you don't already...
The everyday practice of Black girl accountability
Not leaving out the boys, but ugh: Teaching the ongoing murder of Black boys... 
Wow ... Paul Revere Williams, architect.  If you have ever flown in or out of LAX, you have seen his amazing work.

Ok... so it turns out I have been hording a lot of articles. 

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