Tuesday, February 04, 2014

sick as a dog...

The wedding was lovely, but the head cold I now have is not.

Here are some pics -- I am afraid coherent thoughts are not truly possible at this time.

An example -- last night on the way home from the airport, I dropped off one aunt with the wrong suitcase ... oops.

On the other hand, we made it home safely despite my congested head.

The wedding spot ...in various stages before the wedding took place.

 The guests hanging out at the pool before the wedding...
 The seagulls taking a dip in the "infinity" pool
 My sister and brother making an appearance on the charms surrounding the bouquet:
 The lovely couple...

 Mariachi -- a surprise for my mom's 80th birthday also on the day of the wedding.
A lovely, if expensive, setting for the wedding weekend.

If only I had not been sick...

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