Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nano update

I thought there might be more time to update the blog while I was working on this nanowrimo. WHY? Why did I think that?

I also tried to start a gym routine while doing nanowrimo. And working FULL TIME. Working full time for the first time in over eight years.

Yes, I am delusional.

I have not yet made a three day week to the gym.
I have not yet made two days walking to work.

I HAVE added words to my count EVERY DAY.

It's a victory of sorts.

I am still on track to get to 25,000 words by Thursday... mostly.

It turns out sometimes I have to stop to do research.

Keep thinking good thoughts for my verbosity. Rewriting and revising is going to be much harder than free writing, and free writing is not always as easy as it was in the first few days.

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